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Enclosed car carrier Luxury Car and Sports Car Shipping Very Reliable Auto Transport. Sweet Logistics 949-456-2184


Car Shows: Enclosed Car Carrier to and from Southern California.

open car carrier cheapest way to ship my car. 949-456-2184

Standard Open Trailer Car Shipping

Over a decade in the business, let us get your car there safely.

open car carrier cheapest way to ship my car. 949-456-2184

Larger Truck & Equipment

Dove Tails, Step Decks, Low Boys Commercial and industrial trailers

open car carrier cheapest way to ship my car. 949-456-2184

Too Big To Haul? Oversized?

Driveway Service- fully insured and licensed local or cross country

About Us

The owner of Sweet Logistics has been in the car shipping business for over a decade. Her unmatched experience and attention to detail makes her one-of-a kind when it comes to getting your vehicle from Point A to Point B, with unparalleled reliability and customer service excellence that is second-to none.

Coast-to-coast moves are done within 14 days on average, start to finish, with no deposits!!

I've never tried car hauling before, but when I think about the stressful process of shipping and transporting all my belongings from one place to another, it sounds like a nightmare. Luckily for you, there's now someone who has done this countless times that can help make sure things go smoothly: An experienced friend! An experienced friend in the car shipping industry will be able guide through transport almost seamlessly given they know what they're doing; navigating logistical car shipments with ease must take some skill after all.

At Sweet Logistics, we value our reputation with great pride. Cyndy LeTigre has been in business for over 11 years now, we know our business inside and out, and have always made it our priority to provide excellent auto transport service at an excellent price and nothing else.

Cyndy LeTigre Owner of Sweet Logistics Car Shipping  949-456-2184
Cyndy LeTigre Owner of Sweet Logistics Car Shipping  949-456-2184

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moving out of southern ca - we will ship your car to your next destination sweet logistics 949-456-2184

We Provide The Best Car Shipping Prices

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Classic Cars

Luxury or Unique?

Modifications OK

Enclosed Trailer vs Open

premium enclosed car carrier auto transport to and from your next car show 949-456-2184

Enclosed Auto Shipping

rely on us to get it there safely premium auto transport Sweet Logistics 949-456-2184

Special Instructions

classic car show car shipping company sweet logistics 949-456-2184

Coast to COast

Enclosed or Open Vehicle Shipping Options All Inclusive Quotes

Open vs Enclosed Car Carrier

Ship A Car with us and avoid all the pitfalls when driving across the country yourself.

Open Trailer Car Shipping is a standard and now more affordable

Save Time and Money with Sweet Logistics.

  • Road Trip Expenses. aka hotels, gas, & misc detours
  • Planning [logistics] Stress
  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Insurance coverage.

Car shipping with enclosed car carrier to and from Southern California
Open trailer car shipping coast-to-coast

Do you need to transport your car?

If so, there are many options available. You will want to consider expense, distance, weather conditions, and related activities as well as the size and value of your car and the ease with which a trailer can be loaded or unloaded.

Open trailers: are the most common form of transport but without siding, they are subject to possible damage from rain, hail snow sleet ice sun wind.

Enclosed trailers: offer protection for cars in all types of weather conditions while also providing security against theft. For more information on the enclosed car, shipping fill out our easy online form. or call now 949-456-2184

Enclosed car shipping with special instructions
Car auction car shipping sweet logistics 949-456-2184
Auto transport for the very best vehicles


For more information on our professional reliable quotes

call us today!

We have been transporting vehicles since 2009!

Our team is experienced in moving any type of vehicle including luxury and classic cars We have gone through every special instruction imaginable. Car Shipping is what we do.

Contact us today for a free quote on an enclosed car shipping or open trailer hauling!

We provide auto transport services nationwide:

including New York City to Los Angeles, Chicago to Houston, Atlanta to Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Sarasota, Naples, Ft Myers ect

Special Request Car Shipping

You will want to consider expense, distance, weather conditions, and related activities, as well as the size and value of your car, and the ease with which a trailer can be loaded and unloaded.

Open trailers are the most common form of transport and the least expensive. However, there are inherent risks with open trailers that should be kept in mind.

Without siding to protect it, your car is subject to possible damage from rain, hail, snow, sleet, ice, sun, and wind.

The possibility of damage also exists from anything on the road, such as road debris, salt, and sand, tar, asphalt, road base, gravel, new paving material, or skipping rocks.

Enclosed car shipping for special cargo

The open trailer is the most common form of transport, but there are inherent risks with them. You should consider expense and distance before selecting this option as well as weather conditions to ensure safety for your car's journey. Make sure you know how easy it will be to load and unload a trailer in advance so that you can decide if transporting your vehicle on an open truck was worth it!

Before choosing an open trailer because it’s the least expensive transport for your vehicle, be sure to consider the time of year and any weather-related activities (repaving, snow traction materials), as well as your origin and destination.

Enclosed trailers offer protection from the elements...

Door to door open trailer auto transport

"Buying, selling, moving? Great! Call Sweet Logistics & get a rate. From every town, and in any state, We'll haul your car, just pick a date. To any state & in every town, Call our name, we'll come around. Exotics to wagons, we ship them all, Both open & enclosed trailers are ready to haul. Need Hydraulics or winches? Just let us know, Long hauls or the next state, even a local tow. Call Sweet Logistics, that's exactly what we do, Where we love our work & think you will too!"

Coast to Coast Car Shipping

offers a hassle-free, coast-to-coast auto transport service. We will securely pick up your car and ship it across the country so you can enjoy life at your destination without worrying about the shipping.

To and from Southern California

Are you looking for a way to ship your car? You don't want to worry about how you will get across the country without it? Let Sweet Logistics take care of you! Personalized service here 7-7 every day. Trust us to get your care there safely. We only use qualified drivers and we are here for every step of the process. Let us know of any special instructions or details like open or enclosed trailers. Easily fill in the details below or give us a call with any questions.

Carefully monitored gentle transport.Your car will arrive safe and sound without any worry!

Our network of experts is here to make sure you know where to go step by step throughout this process: from hauling the vehicle through commercial transportation and delivery, all the way down to delivery at your new location.

Trust us to get your car there safely!

-Cyndy is the best and most reliable agent to work with. Here is her contact info:


Be good to each other. Alex L. Sales Manager Mini of Marin

-2007 Bentley Continental GT Mission Viejo CA to Middlebury CT ENCLOSED TRANSPORT You are simply the best!!! Please use me as a reference and/or let me know how I can leave positive feedback! Thanks! Barry General Manager RBC Bearings

-My car is here already! Now we know why I refer so many people! You rock!!! Thank you! Josh Sales Manager Woodland Hills Buick GMC Cadillac

-My truck arrived safely this afternoon. Thank you for the quick shipping, great service, and communication. I have several friends who are into classic cars and will be sure to recommend you to them should they ever need to transport a vehicle. Thanks, Chris Thank you so much, Cyndy! What an easy process with you. Much appreciated, Jeff and Sherri

Moving Cars, It's What We Do!
To and from Southern California

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